Starshine Programs


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Custom Program Basics

Starshine offers private outdoor programs for kids, custom suited to your family and friends at The Suttle Lodge and Lake Creek Lodge. Starshine activities blend nature, imagination, and performance in half day, full day, evening, and/or custom programs by the hour.  Kids ages 0+ go on scavenger hunts, catch bugs, create their own nature-inspired performances, identify birds and their songs, build fairy houses, forts and more! Stargazing programs for the whole family also available. Birthday parties and theater programs also available. 

Summer Camp

Camp Basics

Starshine camp activities blend nature, imagination, and performance. Kids will go on scavenger hunts, catch bugs, create fun characters, build fairy houses, listen to and tell stories, sing campfire songs, and more! Campers will create a "Suttle Circus," learning different circus acts during the week, like joke-telling, juggling, magic tricks, clowning, hoola-hooping, and an imaginary menagerie!