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Custom Experiences
House on Metolius

Custom Programs


Enjoy the gorgeous setting of House on Metolius with a local guide and educator

Starshine offers...

⭐️ Programs for kids, custom suited to your family and friends

⭐️ Stargazing tours of the incredible Central Oregon night sky

⭐️ Guided Nature Walks with a local guide on the pristine Metolius River

Custom Outdoor Kids Programs

Starshine offers private outdoor programs for kids, custom suited to your family and friends at House on Metolius, as well as, care for larger groups during weddings. Starshine activities blend nature, imagination, and performance in half day, full day, evening, and/or custom programs by the hour.  Kids ages 0+ go on scavenger hunts, catch bugs, create their own nature-inspired performances, identify birds and their songs, build fairy houses, forts and more, while the adults get deep in vacation mode! 

"We booked a half day with Jennie for our group of four and six year old kids...They all had a great time and we all got to do some adulting...- the best part of the weekend! Thanks Jennie!"

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Adults and kids will enjoy the brilliance of Central Oregon's incredible night sky together with local naturalist and educator, Jennie Sharp. You'll listen to an ancient story about the stars, look at the moon through binoculars, find constellations, see planets, and learn amazing facts about our universe, all in the gorgeous setting at House on Metolius.

"Jennie was awesome and stargazing was a highlight of our vacation. She tailored the experience and kept my 3 and 5 year olds engaged. They sat still for 1 hour (!) learning about the stars. Now they repeat facts about black holes, the Milky Way and red giants. My husband and I loved it too."

Guided Nature Walk

Explore the incredible beauty and natural diversity of House on Metolius alongside local naturalist and educator, Jennie Sharp. You'll learn about local plants and animals, geography, geology, and human history in this gorgeous place. The program will be custom fitted to your group. Kids and adults are welcome! 


"What a great experience. Jennie was super knowledgeable, flexible with our plans, and just really fun to be around. I would highly recommend her tours!"

How to Book

1. Pick a date/time for your program

2. Confirm availability by checking the calendar below

3. Use a Request to Book button below, call/text 541-645-0688, or email

Your requested booking will remain pending for 24 hours after communication from Starshine confirming your requested program. To finalize your booking: 

1. Pay deposit (half of total cost) with Venmo (@starshine-theater) or use credit card with payment button 

2. Fill out an online registration form for participants of kids programs. 

3. Complete liability waivers and email to:

You'll pay the remainder of the program cost after the completion of the program.


Cancellation Policy

Bookings canceled more than 14 days in advance will receive full refund, otherwise a partial refund of 35% will be returned.