Starshine is dedicated to empowering kids to shine their inner selves on and off stage.

Starshine is currently partnering with The Suttle Lodge to offer individual families and family groups customizable experiences in the great outdoors. Click here to find out more!

There are so many positive benefits to performing on stage from increased emotional regulation, sensory awareness, enhanced focus and concentration skills, as well as improved oral communication skills, and self-confidence. Theater-based programs can be a perfect place for eccentric and outgoing kids, as well as shy kids, since they provide a fun, inclusive learning environment for all. 

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About Owner & Director

Jennie Sharp

Jennie Sharp has been performing since she can remember. She has had countless parts in plays, dance and piano recitals, choir performances, home-made shows, and more recently producing shows with Starshine, at the Black Butte School in Camp Sherman. She also teachers Intro to Drama at Sisters Middle School. 


After receiving her teaching license in 2007, Jennie, has had a variety of teaching roles, from teaching field science in Yosemite, to teaching core subjects like language arts and social studies in Oregon schools. She is now dedicated to producing shows with kids, which includes many hours of teaching basic theater skills, set design, play writing, and of course rehearsals.


Since 2015, Jennie has directed the Black Butte School's annual winter performance, creating memorable and timeless experiences for the performers and their adoring audiences. You can read more about Black Butte School's 2018 performance, American Winter, in a Nugget News article here and the 2019 performance, Oregon Winter in the Nugget here.

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