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Black Butte Ranch

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Stargaze in the Big Meadow!

"It was fascinating looking at the stars and learning about them, the constellations, and planets. I liked having the sky chart and learning how to use it--very cool! Now I have developed a better informed appreciation for the dark night sky."

Family Stargazing & Moon-gazing

Enjoy the brilliance of Black Butte Ranch's incredible night sky!  You'll listen to an ancient story about the stars, find constellations, find and learn about other interesting visible night sky objects, and look at visible planets through a 70mm beginners telescope (100 x's the human eye). Each participant will receive and learn how to use a sky map, specialized to the month of viewing. 

Special Full Moon programs also available!  You'll look at the details of the Moon through binoculars and a 70mm beginners telescope (100 x's the human eye). You'll also get to listen to an ancient story about the Moon and learn lots of cool Moon facts. 

Available Dates - 2023

•    May 27th Saturday 9PM
•    June 15th Thursday 9:30PM
•    June 21st Wednesday 9:30PM  ⭐️  Summer Solstice Program
•    June 27th Tuesday 9:30PM
•    July 3rd Monday 9:15PM  🌕 Full Moon Program 
•    July 12th Monday 9:15PM
•    July 18th Tuesday 9:15PM
•    August 10th Thursday 9:15PM
•    August 15th Tuesday 8:45PM

•    August 30th Wednesday 8PM 🌕 Super Blue Full Moon Program
•    September 2nd Saturday 8PM
•    September 16th Saturday 7:45PM

•    September 30th Saturday 7:30PM 🌕 Full Moon Program

•    October 28th Sunday 6:00PM 🌕 Full Moon Program

*If a program is full or the scheduled dates don't work for you, please inquire about scheduling an additional evening to accommodate your group. Custom programs for weddings or other special groups also available.*



$15/Kids ages 0-15; must be accompanied by an adult

You'll pay a nonrefundable deposit of $5/person to reserve a spot. Then you'll pay the balance in person with a credit card, cash, or venmo. (see cancellation policy below)


10% off for groups of 15 or more with promo code:  STARGROUPDISCOUNT

"Our small group of Seniors enjoyed stargazing immensely and have shared our experience with other seniors at BBR and others who visit the ranch regularly. We look forward to participating again in the future!"

Program Details

Programs are approximately one hour long. And will begin soon after gathering, once all payments are processed and waivers collected. The instructor will stay after the formal presentation to answer any questions. Please arrive up to 15mins early to process your payment/complete waivers. 

Where to meet

Please park at the very back of the Big Meadow golf parking lot past Robert's pub. Look for the red string lights! There is a short 3 minute walk on an accessible bark-chipped path into the meadow where we will stargaze.

What to Bring

  • warm layers

  • blanket to lay on or chairs to sit on (It is highly recommended that those with limited mobility bring their own lawn chairs.)

  • curiosity and wonder!

Optional but encouraged

  • red light flashlight 

  • binoculars 

  • a sky viewing app on your phone, recommended is SkyView Lite--its free!

Learn About Your Instructor

Check out Starshine's About Page to learn about our instructors. 

Liability Waiver

Please download and fill out the liability waiver linked here.  You can print and bring with you, or email to Printed waivers will also be available to sign on the day of the program. 

Response to COVID-19

Starshine, LLC. adheres to all current Oregon state guidelines. The instructor has been vaccinated and boosted. 

Cancellation Policy

⭐️ $5/person deposit is not refundable, even if a program cancels due to weather.

⭐️ If a program cancels for a reason other than weather or civic mandates, your deposit will be refunded in full.

⭐️ If you cancel your reservation 30 days or more in advance, your deposit will be refunded. Cancellations within 30 days, will not receive a refund, and are expected to pay in full. 

Other Starshine Programs at Black Butte Ranch

Private Guided Nature Walks

Explore the incredible beauty and natural diversity of Black Butte Ranch alongside local naturalist and educator, Jennie Sharp. You'll learn about local plants and animals, geography, geology, and human history in this gorgeous place. Kids and adults are welcome!

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    Starting at $100
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