Black Butte Ranch

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Stargaze in the Big Meadow!

Family Stargazing & Moon-gazing

Enjoy the brilliance of Black Butte Ranch's incredible night sky at or near the New Moon.  You'll listen to an ancient story about the stars, find constellations, find and learn about other interesting visible night sky objects, and look at visible planets through a 70mm beginners telescope (100 x's the human eye). Each participant will receive and learn how to use a sky map, specialized to the month of viewing. 

Special Full Moon programs on August 11 and September 10!  You'll look at the details of the moon through binoculars and a 70mm beginners telescope (100 x's the human eye). You'll also get to listen to an ancient story about the moon and learn lots of cool moon facts. 

Program Details

Each program meets at the Big Meadow golf parking lot

Tuesday June 28th 9:30 PM (New Moon)

Saturday July 30th 9:00 PM (nearly New Moon)

🌕 Thursday August 11th 9:00 PM (Full Moon)    

Saturday August 27th 8:30 PM (New Moon) 

🌕 Saturday September 10th 8:30 PM (Full Moon) 



$10/Kids ages 4-15; must be accompanied by an adult (pay for kids in a separate booking and use the code KIDS$10)

Where to meet

At the Big Meadow golf parking lot!


Learn About Your Instructor

Check out Starshine's About Page to learn about our instructors. 

What to Bring

  • warm layers

  • blanket to lay on

  • curiosity and wonder!

Optional but encouraged

  • red light flash light 

  • binoculars 

  • a sky viewing app on your phone, recommended is SkyView Lite--its free! (optional but encouraged)

Response to COVID-19

Starshine, LLC. adheres to all current Oregon state guidelines. At this time masks are not required for participants. All programs take place outdoors except in the case of inclement weather.  The instructor has been vaccinated and boosted

Cancellation Policy

If the program cancels due to inclement weather or insufficient participation, all bookings will receive a full refund at the time of cancellation.  Bookings canceled more than one week in advance will receive full refund, otherwise a partial refund of 50% will be returned.