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Employment Opportunity

Do you like working with kids? Do you consider yourself an active and creative person?

Join Starshine as an intern with Central Oregon Career Connect. You'll gain high quality training and job experience, as well as educational credits. Starshine provides theater programs for kids in Sisters, Oregon, including camps, birthday parties, and after school programs. Starshine also produces community talent shows that include people of all ages.


The internship title is Assistant Educator & Stage ManagerAs Assistant Educator, you will be directly involved in Starshine's educational programs by leading activities for small groups of kids. These activities could include leading games, helping kids learn their lines, making sets and costumes, and more. As Stage Manager, you will be involved in production activities for Starshine performances including staging sets, prop and costume organization, setting up and managing the sound system, as well as marketing and other tasks as assigned.

Your work schedule will depend on when Starshine programs are operating. The next scheduled program is the Spring Break Theater Camp, a five day program March 30-April 3. Your hours will be 8:30-3:30 each of those days. You will also receive a 3 hour training before the start of the program that will be scheduled at your convenience. Summer Theater Camps will run the weeks of June 29-July 3 (8:30-3:30); July 11-17 (8:30-12:30); and August 17-21 (8:30-3:30). You could also assist at Starshine Birthday Parties and Talent Shows as they are scheduled.

Internship Educational Aspect

If you are thinking, "this sounds fun, but I don't know much about theater," or, "I have performance experience, but I don't have much experience working with kids." That is totally fine! You will receive on-the-job training regarding all of the activities you will be responsible for. You will receive a focused training session before each Starshine program that will teach you what you will need to know to be successful at your internship. Training sessions will include best practices for working with children, basic theater mechanics, such as set design and the operation of the sound system, as well as how to teach basic acting techniques to children. If you are interested in a specific training, you are welcome to request it, and your request may be accommodated. You will receive feedback on your job performance, including what you are doing well and how you can improve. Requests for recommendation letters and/or references will be granted, as well.


Since this is an unpaid internship, special focus is placed on the training aspect of the job. The training will be taught by a licensed and experienced teacher and will include educational resources that you can reference at any time. It will be well-planned, individualized, and highly valuable to the intern. 

How to Apply

Click on the "apply here" button below to be directed to Central Oregon Career Connect, where you will find more information about the internship process. You will also need to make an appointment with Larry Holeman ( or 541-815-5005), who can meet you at your high school to inform you on the internship process and get your application started.

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